Jo Ruth Capoccioni

2022 Chorus Hero

Cedar Harmony Chapter is very pleased to announce its Chorus Hero for 2022 is our "sister" with 2 first names, Jo Ruth Capoccioni! Jo Ruth is not only a sister in harmony, she is our Director as well. She taught vocal music in middle school for most of her career. It was a natural extension of her day job to spend Monday evenings teaching a group of women four-part harmony, barbershop style. But working with adults instead of youngsters was an adjustment and she sometimes likened chorus rehearsal to "herding a bunch of cats!"

She began directing our chorus in 1979. This was her first introduction to barbershop harmony, and she sought out mentors like Jerilee Ingrahm and others in the region and attended music schools to hone her new skill. 

Jo Ruth directed the chorus for 25 years, stepped away, and then returned as our director in 2018. She knows Cedar Harmony inside and out. She has the patience of a saint, years of teaching experience, and a wicked sense of humor that's evident while working with a group of "over-age" teenagers!"

She works tirelessly for the good of our chorus and is always available to meet with each member. She is interested in every aspect of the chorus organization and helps develop the talents and potential of each member. 

Cedar Harmony is blessed in having this wonderfully talented lady stand before us each week. Our audiences love her enthusiasm and so do we. When she is in front of us, her graceful hands and smiling face bring out the "hidden performer" in us all. A competition judge once commented on Jo Ruth's hands having a love affair with her chorus.
Thank you, Jo Ruth. We love you!